Saturday, July 15, 2017

Haircuts and a few videos - an evening at the Property

It was getting ABOUT THAT TIME, so CJ grabbed her clippers, and we all went down to cool off at the Property one evening.   Haircut time !!   (The videos at the bottom of this post were before the haircuts) 
Mom and Dad (Grandpa and Grandma D) came down also, and relaxed. 
Tagg - before
Tagg After
Grandpa Roger BEFORE...........
And there was no after
(he went the next day or to to Great Clips for the hair, but kept his beard)
Thatcher - before
During...........and I forgot to get and after !
Silly Grandma 
Tallon relaxing with Grandma 
Treyson before
Treyson after

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