Thursday, July 13, 2017

Fun in Aunt Claudia's Pool

Last Saturday afternoon, when it was so blasted hot, and we were all SO SO HOT from working in the yard on the sprinkling system, we had the opportunity to visit CJ's Aunt Claudia (Nelson)'s pool.  It was so refreshing !!  We even got Roger D. and Zac in the pool !!
Those boys are fish !
Thatcher is under the water more than he is up out of the water !!
Fun Fun Times
Tagg loves the Diving Board
And only did one belly flop while practicing his diving skills
Helping dad with the squirt gun
Come on Grandpa - let's hit the diving board.
Treyson relaxing and trying to avoid the squirt gun that Dad has commandeered
Hi Grandma !!
Deadly Aim
Dunking Time !!

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