Saturday, February 4, 2017

Tagg's Baptism Day

This sweet boy was baptized today !
We are so proud of his desire to be baptized.
He is a great kid. 
He wanted his dad to baptize him, and so he waited, and it happened !
Zac did such a great job.  It was pretty nerve wracking for him, but he sailed through with shining colors.
Happy Family
Treyson gave a talk about the Three Bears (of Baptism)
1. Bearing our Heavenly Father's Name
2. Bearing our own testimony
3. Bearing other's burdens
With Grandpa Roger and Grandma Gwen
With Rylee, and Grandma Shirlee and Grandpa Jim

I played the prelude and postlude, and opening and closing songs, and also the accompianment for the little Melendez girl who sang.  Grandma Shirlee and Aunt Pauline sang, "Gethsemene", while Aunt Claudia played for them. Grandpa Jim gave the opening prayer, and Uncle Landon confirmed Tagg.   It was a great meeting.  Tagg and Sirlei Melendez were the children from the 5th ward who were baptized today.  Such a wonderful day.  After the baptism we changed our clothes, went and supported Treyson at his basketball game (he made a basket!), and then we all met down at Chuck-a-Rama for a scrumptious buffet.  Can't beat days like this !

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