Monday, February 6, 2017

A Musician in the Family

Camryn plays the bass guitar.
A few months ago, Brendon took it up, and she showed an interest.
She's been taking lessons, and has recently been playing with a group.
As you can see, she's one of the oldest in the group, but she is going to move up to play with kids more her age.  She has been really nervous to do this.  She is not one to put herself "out there", but she is doing so well.  She practices all of the time, and doesn't have to be nagged to do so.  She loves it !

Who knows, we might have another up and coming Carole Kaye !?

If you want to watch a FANTASTIC domentary on Netflix, check out "The Wrecking Crew" - you won't be sorry. 

If you saw this previously on Facebook, I've trimmed it down to 30 seconds,
with no singing.  Check it out !  We will be going down to see her perform in May.
We are so excited!

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