Friday, February 17, 2017

February Happenings so far

Well, we are more than half way through the month, so I thought I'd do a little recap.
Tagg got his Wolf badge at the blue and gold banquet
Yeah Tagg !
I think this was a Saturday?  I was watching the kids, mending Landon's pants, and Payson was fascinated with the sewing machine.  He loves to learn. 
Here I am in the hospital.  I'm feeling alot better now.  Hopefully when I go back to the doc on the 24th, I can find out if I need more stents, or just what.  So glad I'm feeling better. 
The Baptism of course
Wonderful !
Zac put the front end loader on the tractor, and drove it over and moved the big piles of snow.  Looking back, he probably didn't need to do it, because we didn't get any more snow to speak of, and it warmed up, and the snow is almost gone !
Thank you Zac :)
Treyson is finishing up Junior Jazz
I think he has one more game this Saturday.
He's enjoyed it. 
One of Tagg's birthday presents was this awesome Dinosaur on the wall.  How cool is that?
Combined birthday party for the two birthday boys
Blowing out the candles
What a kid !
These two !!
The basketball game was moved into Tagg's room - looks like he's having fun here with Grandpa Jim. 
This guy surprised me with a dozen roses on V-day.
And last but not least, WHAT a beautiful sunset there was last night, just as I was leaving work.  Life is good !

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