Thursday, January 5, 2017

Happy New Year !!

Beautiful Sunny Winter Day - I think this was on the 30th
And this day Landon also helped up get the old couch that no one wanted, OUT of our bedroom, and on to the burn pile.  We almost got stuck in Roger D's truck in the bottom of the field.  But he was awesome, and managed to get it out. 
Saturday (Dec 31st) we played in the SNOW !!
This old toboggon my dad made in the early 1960's.  So, 50+years ago.
It was put away in Grandpa Dickson's old barn for many years, and never used.  In fact, Landon said, where did you get this old thing?  He had never seen it before.  
So glad Grandma Ben came to enjoy the company (if not the cold)
It was pretty cold, only in the 20's, but in the sun it wasn't too bad !
Miss Brightyn
She wanted nothing to do with the big toboggon, so Landon tried her out on the little one. 
Then she joined Zac and CJ and Talon (Tallin?) in the front of the Ranger while they pulled the boys around. 
I had most of the adults gather for a pic.
They humor me :)
Blakeley, Landon, Kacey, LuAnn, Rog, Dad, Mom
Here they come !
Round and Round they go.........
They would change positions, on and off, round and round.
Tagg, Payson, Thatcher, Treyson
Blurry pic - sorry
We set up tables in the shop and had chili, and ham and beans, and hot cocoa and rolls.  YUMMY !!
Oh how we love grandkids.
They make life so great.
Tagg, Thatcher, Payson, Brightyn
They decided to change to tubes for awhile.
Tagg had to be extra careful with his wrist in the cast.
Just lay back and enjoy the RIDE !!!!!!!!!!>>>>>>>>>
Beautiful Day 
2016 - Toboggon kids
Thatcher, Brightyn (we finally got her on), Payson, Tagg
(some neighbors dog - we don't know whose)

1968 - 48 years earlier - Toboggon kids
Dad used to hook the toboggon on the back of the car, up where Dan and Stu Wilkinson have their homes now, and because the county didn't plow the road, it was always snow packed, and we would get pulled from there up to Round Valley to Grandma Tonks' house.  Have some hot chocolate, and then pulled back.  We did this a couple of times a winter.  Fun memories.

Payson and Brightyn
Bundled up FUN !!

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