Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Birthday Girls

Waking up early Saturday the 7th
She got a bike !  Yahoo !!

This girl.............
....is THREE !!!
Saturday, January 7th
With Grandma and Grandpa "D" and Thatcher
We were watching Treyson's basketball game that morning. 
Sunday night we celebrated at
Grandpa Gary's and Grandma Carol's.
Kaley gave Brightyn some makeup (SHE LOVES IT) - and she promptly retired to the bathroom in solitude, so she could apply her wares.  She was pretty cute and excited.
Cute Cute idea for Birthday # 3 !!
This girlie loves to be up on the cabinet, where all of the action is :)
YUM !!!
Monday - January 9th was my birthday, and we decided to take a selfie.
Roger D presented me with TWO DOZEN ROSES !!
Can't remember the last time THAT happened.
They are beautiful, and smell divine.
Mom made me a cake !
(see the two pieces without frosting?  Guess whose they are?)
Landon and Kacey bought and cooked a wonderful (fall apart in your mouth) delicious roast, CJ and Zac brought some ice cream, Grandma Ben made her wonderful green salad which we all snarf up.   It was a great meal, and I appreciated it so much, that the family would take the time, on a school night, on a snowy/rainy night, to gather together.  The day definitely ended so well.   I am so loved, and I love my family. 
Bright got a little doggie and a new outfit from CJ and Zac
(they hadn't been able to come to her party on Sunday night)
Everyone ate, and talked, and played UNO, and just enjoyed being together. 
I was sung to, and got to blow out my candles.
Such a great night.
Thanks to all of you.
I love you all very very much. 

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