Monday, January 23, 2017

A little bit of this.........a little bit of that

In no particular order........because I'm lazy like that :)

Kacey and Landon work every Saturday morning for Junior Jazz.
They are stationed in the Big gym at the Middle School, and I'm glad, because that's where most of Treyson's basketball games are played, and we get to see them in action.   Landon ref's the games, and Kacey keeps score and runs the clock.
Treyson and Grandma Shirlee after his game.
Payson does Preschool on the computer (along with regular preschool)
It's quite the commitment, and Kacey and Landon work hard to meet the required "times" that it needs to be done per week.  He is learning alot, and can actually read a few words !
Fun Times
They love it when I make pancakes.
They usually have a "request"
This morning it was teddy bears :)
Kisses for Daddy
Hangin' out with the cousins
Thatcher, Tagg, Brightyn, Braelynn, Dayton? Payson
Tagg's teeth - they are healing......
My Pizza Maker Helper
New haircuts for ALL !!
Even Grandpa
Thatcher refused to get his cut, unless Grandpa did.
I'm really happy he helps put the pressure on.  
Tagg won the storytelling contest for his class with this book !!  I was so proud of him.  We've been telling this story for a long time in our family.  I'm glad they like it so much. 
This boy is such a pleasant person to be around.
We love to support him in anything he does. 
Dave Giles is his coach.
They have a good little team.  
We went to the temple with Grandma Rich and family
Those that were able to go were, Joni and Kerry, Gwen, Grandma Ben, Landon and Kacey, Chans and Tausha, and Hunter and Eric.  Kaley and Keysto tried to come, but got stuck in traffic near Taggart's, and missed the session :(
I love teaching my grandkids things.
This morning on the agenda was cutting with a fork and knife.
Notice the SNAKES.....He was cutting the heads off :)
This is either the 3rd or 4th cast !
What a saga.
The latest, was he got the top of a pencile eraser(metal thing) caught down inside, while itching........which he isn't supposed to be doing.  He was trying to hide the fact, because LAST time, he was using the other end of the pencil, and when they took the cast off, there were pencil marks all up and down his arm......WHOOPS - he got caught !!!
Another trip to the oral surgeon to get the metal "thing" out that was on his bottom teeth.

And the dentist has built back up his two front teeth, and he will soon be seeing the orthodontist, to get them straightened.  We still don't know whether or not they will stay in his head, or if he will have to have implants at some future date.  We are keeping our fingers crossed.  
The pin is still in his wrist, but hopefully this week, he will get it out. 
Beautiful Cam in AZ
Wish she was closer.
We miss her.  She is doing exceptionally well on the bass guitar at her lessons, has moved up a group, and her "band" will be playing in small venues.  This makes me so happy !    She practices every day without her mother having to nag her.  She loves it !!
Note from Mr. Bunn, Treyson's teacher. So So true - he is a one of a kind !

I had fun making this video/slideshow -  Watch for #27 - That's Treyson :)

Speaking of Basketball........
Landon was able to go to a Houston Rockets basketball game this past week, when he traveled to Texas for his work.  He texted us, and we turned on the TV.  Sure enough - there he was :)  He said it was a great game, and so fun to be so close to the action. 
Wonderful people are still thinking of Zac and CJ and family, and leaving little treats and remembrances on their doorstop.  Here is a mini snowman - so cute !
This is also a a Jazz game, when the Junior Jazz and parents were able to go and have a fun night. 
Payson and Anna (I think) - what a neat SNOW CHAIR she helped him make !
And a BIG snowman too ! 

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