Friday, February 14, 2014

Odds and Ends on Valentines Day.................

Cousins - Kellen and Brightyn
Brightyn is 5 weeks old now,  I think Kellen is about 6 weeks older than she is

I guess the two babies are a little nervous around this almost 2 year old that a word?

My first thought when seeing this picture, was where is the road?  Do you just drive on the grass to your house?  But I just believe it is running parallel to the house, and it must just be low enough that you can't see it in picture.
This is our Philippine Gang's home in Bacolod.

Roger D made this homemade macaroni and cheese dish the other night.  He got the recipe from Bryant at work (who had brought some to share), and he shopped for all of the ingredients, and made it entirely himself.  He had some, and shared the rest with Zac and CJ and kids.  We haven't heard if they liked it or not.  I had a bite, and it was yummy.  I think anything made with VELVEETA would be yummy, right?

Thatch and CJ came by work yesterday.  I think he made the rounds up and down the halls, visiting everyone.  It was his birthday, so a big fuss was made by all :)

This is the cake that Zac and Treyson made for the Blue and Gold Banquet last night.  It was a Cowboy theme.  I haven't heard how it went, but the boys sure looked cute in their cowboy gear. 

They have moved the big boys BACK downstairs.  Three boys in one room upstairs was just not working.  Thatcher was keeping EVERYONE up at all hours.   They did separate the boys downstairs.

Before they used to be together, and there was always fighting about picking up their own things.  Now they can each keep their OWN room clean. 

Zac fixed up a built in closet in the main room downstairs, and now all of the toys have a place to be.  Great Job Zac !!

Cowboy Thatcher (just before the Blue and Gold)

Oh BOY - they are a handfull

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