Thursday, February 20, 2014

Barnyard animals............and a cowboy :)

Our goats have wintered well.  Roger D. is such a trooper.  He's the one doing the chores everyday and I appreciate it so much.  I did manage to get my boots out and walk out with him on Monday to take pics and become reacquainted with the animals.

Miss Piggy is as FAT and SASSY as ever

Her poor feet (hooves?) though........   I read that if she got too fat we would have problems with this.  I'm not sure what we can do about it at this point?  I hope they aren't painful for her. She doesn't act like they are.

I think we should start calling Shady - Shaggy :)

We have ended up with a pond of sorts, and the ducks LOVE LOVE LOVE it

This is why Miss Piggy is so fat........she won't stop eating, and goes to any length (or body contortion) to get food. 

Thatcher loves his HORSE
Ok Grandpa - back off and let me show you what I can do !

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