Saturday, February 22, 2014

Grandkids :)

This picture really threw me for a bit.  I thought Kellen and Brightyn were standing !
Sure miss these kids in the Philippines.  

The boys had a mom and dad's room (haha)   I guess Thatch only lasted for a little bit before mom had to go and rock him to sleep in his own room. 

Cameron Claussen
School picture - good lookin' kid !!

We've only watched this about a dozen times............. laugh out loud EVERY TIME !

Guess who's SMILING !!
Kacey, this is the picture I was thinking of..............that looks so much like Lando did

Got all done with this post, and realized I was missing a picture of Cam !?!
So I had to grab one (haha) - Love ya Cam :)

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