Thursday, March 16, 2017

One year ago - the dance began.

Last year, I came home from work, and as I walked in the house everyone was there in the kitchen with expectant smiles on their faces......    I was met with, "Guess what?  We're getting a new baby brother!".

I can only tell you that my heart lept in my chest - literally.

You would think that with house building......... and a myriad of other reasons, that my reaction might not have been the pure joy and happiness that flowed through my body.

And so our adventure of "Expecting Tenzin" began.

It is truly a good thing that we don't know what lies ahead.....

A beautiful 9 months........and a precious 11 days....

We might have missed the pain..........
but we would have missed the dance

And what a beautiful dance it was
(and will be again someday)

Click here to listen to "The Dance"

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