Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Little Things...........

You really can't tell by this picture, but the sun was really shining, and it was snowing !  We were dropping Thatch off at Preschool.  Roger drew a picture when he was in grade school, probably about 2nd grade, and the sun was shining, and it was either raining or snowing.  I guess the kids made fun of him, saying that could never happen.  I think the teacher stood up for him.  Now whenever it is sunny and snowing, Rog always points it out, and says, "See !  It can snow and sunshine at the same time"!
This was a fun night
Minion, Minion, Minnie
This is the machine I was put in on the day I had my stress test.
First they injected radio isotope? in me, then were able to "view" it inside my heart. 
Payson's birthday  - a new bike !
Fun times with the boy cousins
Thatcher's Valentine's Day Card
These two got a new puppy.
She is a weener heeler mix

They sure love her. 
We went down to see if we could see the Great Gray Owl in Mtn. Green.
We were too late, it had flown away. 
5 years old !
Bright is funny.  She always has to wear this beenie when she goes to bed. 
Cam and her new white bass guitar
She is loving playing it, learning new songs, and going to lessons twice a week. 
CJ went to Hawai for a week, and everymorning I would go over and get the kids breakfast. 
Tagg's St. Patrick's Day story
Dr. Suess Day at Preeschool. 
Zac and the boys went down with me to watch 17.2 at West Haven Crossfit.
We ate at Burger Bar first
Bright must have been really tired, because she fell asleep in my arms, then I laid her down. 
These kids had fun playing wall ball with balloons
Landon doing toes to bar
box jumps
Kacey with 17.1 (I think)
Thatcher's Preschool
My latest stents..........
They did 4 more on March 9th.
Sure hope this fixes me up !

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