Monday, February 15, 2016

Wow ! Alot happening with our grandkids this past week !

Cam went to Cali with her cousin Christine and family, to visit another cousin Anne and family.
It was so warm, and she has had a wonderful time.  I'm so happy that she could do this !

Payson and Brightyn and all of the Brooks cousins went with Grandma Carol and Grandpa Gary to see the Marvel Universe LIVE  in Salt Lake.  They dressed up, and had a great time.  Dinner at of course Mc Donald's and then a movie with popcorn and to top off a sleepover. Tons of fun!! 

Tagg has been building at the shop again.  He likes to hang out there with his dad.

Payson is tumbling every Monday, and is getting quite good at it.

This is a the Children's Treehouse Museum, where Kacey and the kids hang out quite a bit.  Notice the shoes (or lack thereof).  This is so funny !   Kacey said he is READY FOR SUMMER !!

Payson also got to go to the Dentist office for a field trip with his Preschool.  

Here are Hannah and Cam - headed to Cali !

Fun on the beach !!

Tagg had a birthday party at the bowling alley with his friends last Monday night.
Let's see if I can get the names right.......
Mason Williams,  Cooper Stuart,  Josh Demond, Tagg (in blue), Henry Rose (behind), and Trace Henderson

This is right after Preschool where they celebrated Thatcher's birthday

Both Thatcher and Tagg, along with their dad, were able to go up in a small plane, and fly over Morgan for a quick fun trip.  They had SO MUCH FUN !!  Thanks to Cousin Brandon Nelson !!

Made this boy's day for sure !!!

Treyson dressed up all spiffy on Friday for the Valentine's Dance.

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